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Osijek City and Kopački Rit Sightseeing

Fly above city of Osijek and experience the freedom of flight!

  • 30 minute
  • Od 130 euros
  • Airport Čepin

Opis usluge

Fly above the city of Osijek. Explore its parks, architecture, river Drava and beautiful nature park Kopački Rit. On this flight you will take-off from airport Čepin and fly inbound the city of Osijek. We make a few circles around the city to explore each part of it. After city sightseeing we fly towards the beautiful nature park Kopački Rit. It is also referred to as the Amazona of Baranja, this is a great opportunity to take some amazing photos of this natural phenomenon. After Kopački Rit we return for landing over the city of Osijek and toward airport Čepin. _________________________ Number of