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Blue and Red Lake

Explore two pearls of nature - Blue and Red Lake near Imotski!

  • 1 sat
  • 420 euros
  • Sinj Airfield

Opis usluge

We take off from Sinj airfield and fly toward the town of Trilj, where we fly over Cetina river and towards Imotski. The town of Imotski hides two pearls of nature, two lakes placed at the bottom of large craters - Blue and Red Lake. The blue and red rocks give these lakes amazing colors which you must see to believe. We continue our flight towards Omiš, placed right at the end of the beautiful canyon of the river Cetina, offering the view of the Adriatic on one side and the river on the other. We then fly along the shore towards Split and Klis fortress after which we land at Sinj airfield. 420€ for entire flight Duration of flight: 60 minutes Number of passengers: 1-3 passengers Type of aircraft: Cessna 172