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National Park Mljet Island

Fly above Dubrovnik and explore Island Mljet - National Park

  • 45 minute
  • Od 650 euros
  • Dubrovnik Airport

Opis usluge

Fly from Dubrovnik and explore beautiful National Park - Island Mljet. We'll take off from airport Dubrovnik (Cilipi). First, we fly next to the city of Dubrovnik itself where we can enjoy in the view of an amazing historic medieval fortified city. We continue toward the Island Mljet where we fly along the coast and explore the Island. You will get a chance to view island's beautiful lakes. On our way back we fly along the other side of the island and continue toward Dubrovnik with a lovely view of the endless Adriatic sea on one side and beautiful mountains on the other side. ___________________________________ Duration - 45min Number of passengers - max 5 passengers Type of aircraft - Cessna 210